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Toshiba Standart - Notebook carrying case1

Toshiba Standart - Notebook carrying case
Toshiba Standart - Notebook carrying case
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Manufacturer: Toshiba

Product group:

Manuf.No.: PX1880E-1NCA

Art.No.: S14673673

16", black, for Satellite C55, L50, P50; Satellite Pro A40, A50, R50; Satellite Radius 15; Tecra A50, Z50

  • Padded laptop compartment for optimum protection
  • Front pockets for tablet or accessories
  • Comfortable grip
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Robust & sturdy material

Price: 30,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


Portégé Z20t-C-11H, Portégé Z20t-C-11Q, Portégé Z20t-C-121, Portégé Z30-C-10N, Portégé Z30-C-10W, Portégé Z30-C-10Z, Portégé Z30-C-125, Portégé Z30-C-12U, Portégé Z30-C-138, Satellite C50-B-158, Satellite C50-B-159, Satellite C50-B-15C, Satellite C50-B-16Z, Satellite C50-B-17Q, Satellite C50-B-188, Satellite C50-B-18E, Satellite C50-B-18J, Satellite C50-B-18K, Satellite C50-B-18Z, Satellite C50-B-19D, Satellite C50-B-19E, Satellite C50-B-19H, Satellite C50-B-19U, Satellite C50-B-1C6, Satellite C50D-B-13V, Satellite C50D-B-14E, Satellite C50D-B-14F, Satellite C50D-B-14W, Satellite C50D-B-157, Satellite C50D-B-158, Satellite C50D-B-15C, Satellite C50D-B-15D, Satellite C50D-B-15E, Satellite C50t-B-110, Satellite C50t-B-113, Satellite C55-C-11F, Satellite C55-C-11G, Satellite C55-C-11J, Satellite C55-C-11K, Satellite C55-C-11M, Satellite C55-C-11N, Satellite C55-C-11P, Satellite C55-C-11R, Satellite C55-C-125, Satellite C55-C-12W, Satellite C55-C-12X, Satellite C55-C-12Z, Satellite C55-C-131, Satellite C55-C-134, Satellite C55-C-136, Satellite C55-C-137, Satellite C55-C-13T, Satellite C55-C-13W, Satellite C55-C-13X, Satellite C55-C-145, Satellite C55-C-14C, Satellite C55-C-14F, Satellite C55-C-16R, Satellite C55-C-170, Satellite C55-C-172, Satellite C55-C-173, Satellite C55-C-175, Satellite C55-C-17R, Satellite C55-C-17T, Satellite C55-C-17V, Satellite C55-C-182, Satellite C55-C-186, Satellite C55-C-187, Satellite C55-C-189, Satellite C55-C-18G, Satellite C55-C-18J, Satellite C55-C-18T, Satellite C55-C-18W, Satellite C55-C-191, Satellite C55-C-19P, Satellite C55-C-1CK, Satellite C55-C-1DW, Satellite C55-C-1E2, Satellite C55-C-1E3, Satellite C55-C-1E4, Satellite C55-C-1E7, Satellite C55-C-1E9, Satellite C55-C-1EV, Satellite C55-C-1F0, Satellite C55-C-1F1, Satellite C55-C-1F7, Satellite C55-C-1FM, Satellite C55-C-1FN, Satellite C55-C-1G1, Satellite C55-C-1G6, Satellite C55-C-1G7, Satellite C55-C-1G8, Satellite C55-C-1GJ, Satellite C55-C-1GR, Satellite C55-C-1GT, Satellite C55-C-1GV, Satellite C55-C-1HX, Satellite C55-C-1J0, Satellite C55-C-1J6, Satellite C55-C-1J7, Satellite C55-C-1JE, Satellite C55-C-1JH, Satellite C55-C-1JL, Satellite C55-C-1JM, Satellite C55-C-1K1, Satellite C55-C-1K2, Satellite C55-C-1K3, Satellite C55-C-1KH, Satellite C55-C-1KJ, Satellite C55-C-1KM, Satellite C55-C-1KQ, Satellite C55-C-1KR, Satellite C55-C-1KT, Satellite C55-C-1KU, Satellite C55-C-1KW, Satellite C55-C-1KX, Satellite C55-C-1L0, Satellite C55-C-1L1, Satellite C55-C-1L3, Satellite C55-C-1L9, Satellite C55-C-1LJ, Satellite C55-C-1LK, Satellite C55-C-1LL, Satellite C55-C-1LP, Satellite C55-C-1LR, Satellite C55-C-1LT, Satellite C55-C-1LU, Satellite C55-C-1LV, Satellite C55-C-1M1, Satellite C55-C-1M8, Satellite C55-C-1M9, Satellite C55-C-1N8, Satellite C55-C-1NE, Satellite C55-C-1NZ, Satellite C55-C-1P3, Satellite C55-C-1P6, Satellite C55-C-1PN, Satellite C55-C-1PW, Satellite C55-C-1Q1, Satellite C55-C-1RT, Satellite C55-C-1RZ, Satellite C55-C-1T3, Satellite C55-C-1TD, Satellite C55-C-1TE, Satellite C55-C-1TF, Satellite C55-C-1TR, Satellite C55-C5206S, Satellite C55-C5208K, Satellite C55-C5212K, Satellite C55D-C-10J, Satellite C55D-C-112, Satellite C55D-C-11F, Satellite C55D-C-121, Satellite C55D-C-12P, Satellite C55D-C-12T, Satellite C55D-C-12Z, Satellite C55D-C-150, Satellite C55D-C-151, Satellite C55D-C-159, Satellite C55D-C-15F, Satellite C55D-C-15H, Satellite C55D-C-15P, Satellite C55D-C-163, Satellite C55D-C-166, Satellite C55D-C-169, Satellite C55D-C-16F, Satellite C55D-C-16G, Satellite C55D-C-16H, Satellite L50-B-163, Satellite L50-B-1EZ, Satellite L50-B-1V2, Satellite L50-B-1V5, Satellite L50-B-1V9, Satellite L50-B-1VC, Satellite L50-B-1VK, Satellite L50-B-1VU, Satellite L50-B-1X4, Satellite L50-B-1X5, Satellite L50-B-1XE, Satellite L50-B-1XF, Satellite L50-B-1XM, Satellite L50-B-1XU, Satellite L50-B-1XZ, Satellite L50-B-22W, Satellite L50-B-23H, Satellite L50-B-23M, Satellite L50-B-23N, Satellite L50-B-23W, Satellite L50-B-241, Satellite L50-B-249, Satellite L50-B-24G, Satellite L50-B-24Z, Satellite L50-B-250, Satellite L50-B-25E, Satellite L50-B-25K, Satellite L50-B-25Q, Satellite L50-B-264, Satellite L50-B-27N, Satellite L50-B-2C8, Satellite L50-B-2C9, Satellite L50-B-2CC, Satellite L50-B-2CD, Satellite L50-B-2CL, Satellite L50-B-2CM, Satellite L50-B-2CP, Satellite L50-B-2CQ, Satellite L50-B-2CR, Satellite L50-B-2CV, Satellite L50-B-2DR, Satellite L50-B-2DT, Satellite L50-B-2DW, Satellite L50-B-2E3, Satellite L50-B-2EC, Satellite L50-B-2EQ, Satellite L50-B-2EV, Satellite L50-B-2EX, Satellite L50-B-2EZ, Satellite L50-B-2F0, Satellite L50-B-2F1, Satellite L50-B-2F4, Satellite L50-B-2FC, Satellite L50-B-2FD, Satellite L50-B-2FE, Satellite L50-B-2FF, Satellite L50-B-2FH, Satellite L50-B-2FK, Satellite L50-B-2FR, Satellite L50-B-2G1, Satellite L50-B-2G2, Satellite L50-B-2G4, Satellite L50-B-2G5, Satellite L50-B-2G7, Satellite L50-B-2G8, Satellite L50-B-2GE, Satellite L50-B-2GZ, Satellite L50-B-2H8, Satellite L50-B-2HC, Satellite L50-B-2HV, Satellite L50-B-2JD, Satellite L50-B-2JE, Satellite L50-B-2JF, Satellite L50-B-2JT, Satellite L50-C-10X, Satellite L50-C-111, Satellite L50-C-113, Satellite L50-C-116, Satellite L50-C-11C, Satellite L50-C-11F, Satellite L50-C-11H, Satellite L50-C-12V, Satellite L50-C-135, Satellite L50-C-136, Satellite L50-C-139, Satellite L50-C-13C, Satellite L50-C-13D, Satellite L50-C-13M, Satellite L50-C-13V, Satellite L50-C-13W, Satellite L50-C-13Z, Satellite L50-C-149, Satellite L50-C-14P, Satellite L50-C-14R, Satellite L50-C-14T, Satellite L50-C-14U, Satellite L50-C-14W, Satellite L50-C-14X, Satellite L50-C-154, Satellite L50-C-156, Satellite L50-C-157, Satellite L50-C-158, Satellite L50-C-15E, Satellite L50-C-15H, Satellite L50-C-18L, Satellite L50-C-18Q, Satellite L50-C-18T, Satellite L50-C-18U, Satellite L50-C-18V, Satellite L50-C-18W, Satellite L50-C-18Z, Satellite L50-C-193, Satellite L50-C-19M, Satellite L50-C-19P, Satellite L50-C-19Q, Satellite L50-C-19R, Satellite L50-C-1C8, Satellite L50-C-1CF, Satellite L50-C-1CH, Satellite L50-C-1CJ, Satellite L50-C-1CK, Satellite L50-C-1CX, Satellite L50-C-1D7, Satellite L50-C-1D8, Satellite L50-C-1DW, Satellite L50-C-1FC, Satellite L50-C-1FD, Satellite L50-C-1FE, Satellite L50-C-1FQ, Satellite L50-C-1FR, Satellite L50-C-1FT, Satellite L50-C-1FU, Satellite L50-C-1G6, Satellite L50-C-1G7, Satellite L50-C-1GJ, Satellite L50-C-1GK, Satellite L50-C-1GL, Satellite L50-C-1GM, Satellite L50-C-1GN, Satellite L50-C-1GR, Satellite L50-C-1GX, Satellite L50-C-1H0, Satellite L50-C-1H1, Satellite L50-C-1H2, Satellite L50-C-1J0, Satellite L50-C-1JJ, Satellite L50-C-1K4, Satellite L50-C-1KE, Satellite L50-C-1KP, Satellite L50-C-1KX, Satellite L50-C-1L2, Satellite L50-C-1P8, Satellite L50-C-1P9, Satellite L50-C-1PC, Satellite L50-C-1PD, Satellite L50-C-1PE, Satellite L50-C-1RP, Satellite L50-C-1RW, Satellite L50-C-1RX, Satellite L50-C-1RZ, Satellite L50-C-1T1, Satellite L50-C-1T2, Satellite L50-C-1T7, Satellite 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A40-C-142, Tecra A40-C-14V, Tecra A50-A-024, Tecra A50-A-025, Tecra A50-A-10H, Tecra A50-A-10J, Tecra A50-A-10X, Tecra A50-A-12C, Tecra A50-A-12E, Tecra A50-A-12M, Tecra A50-A-12N, Tecra A50-A-12P, Tecra A50-A-12Z, Tecra A50-A-130, Tecra A50-A-139, Tecra A50-A-13C, Tecra A50-A-13M, Tecra A50-A-13N, Tecra A50-A-13W, Tecra A50-A-13Z, Tecra A50-A-140, Tecra A50-A-150, Tecra A50-A-151, Tecra A50-A-152, Tecra A50-A-15F, Tecra A50-A-15R, Tecra A50-A-15W, Tecra A50-A-15X, Tecra A50-A-160, Tecra A50-A-162, Tecra A50-A-164, Tecra A50-A-166, Tecra A50-A-168, Tecra A50-A-16E, Tecra A50-A-16V, Tecra A50-A-16X, Tecra A50-A-16Z, Tecra A50-A-170, Tecra A50-A-171, Tecra A50-A-17L, Tecra A50-A-17P, Tecra A50-A-19J, Tecra A50-A-19M, Tecra A50-A-19N, Tecra A50-A-1C3, Tecra A50-A-1D1, Tecra A50-A-1D3, Tecra A50-A-1D8, Tecra A50-A-1D9, Tecra A50-A-1DF, Tecra A50-A-1DG, Tecra A50-A-1DJ, Tecra A50-A-1E2, Tecra A50-A-1E9, Tecra A50-A-1EE, Tecra A50-A-1EF, Tecra A50-A-1EH, Tecra A50-A-1EJ, Tecra A50-A-1F0, Tecra A50-A-1G8, Tecra A50-C-16E, Tecra A50-C-16F, Tecra A50-C-16G, Tecra A50-C-16H, Tecra A50-C-16J, Tecra A50-C-16K, Tecra A50-C-16L, Tecra A50-C-16U, Tecra A50-C-179, Tecra A50-C-19L, Tecra A50-C-1F8, Tecra A50-C-1FW, Tecra A50-C-1G0, Tecra A50-C-1G1, Tecra A50-C-1GE, Tecra A50-C-1GF, Tecra A50-C-1GG, Tecra A50-C-1H1, Tecra A50-C-1H2, Tecra A50-C-1H7, Tecra A50-C-1H9, Tecra A50-C-1HC, Tecra A50-C-1HD, Tecra A50-C-1K0, Tecra A50-C-1KC, Tecra A50-C-1MV, Tecra A50-C-1QG, Tecra A50-C-1QK, Tecra A50-C-1RL, Tecra A50-C-1T7, Tecra A50-C-1U2, Tecra A50-C-1UG, Tecra A50-C-1V0, Tecra A50-C-1W2, Tecra A50-C-1ZT, Tecra A50-C-1ZU, Tecra A50-C-1ZW, Tecra A50-C-1ZZ, Tecra A50-C-200, Tecra A50-C-20F, Tecra A50-C-218, Tecra A50-C-256, Tecra A50-C-290, Tecra A50-C-2D2, Tecra A50-C-2F5, Tecra A50-D-10M, Tecra A50-D-11M, Tecra A50-D-12D, Tecra A50-D-12Q, Tecra A50-D-13U, Tecra A50-D-15P, Tecra A50-D-1E2, Tecra A50-D-1M4, Tecra A50-D-1PM, Tecra A50-E-110, Tecra A50-E-13J, Tecra A50-E-13K, Tecra 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Whether you're always on the move, or usually desk-based, Toshiba have the laptop case that suits your needs. The slim, elegant and value-packed range is bound to feature the bag that fits not just your laptop, but your lifestyle too. Providing enough extra space for all your office essentials, Toshiba cases are perfect if you travel with your PC.
Product Description Toshiba Standart notebook carrying case
Product Type Notebook carrying case
Colour Black
Dimensions (WxDxH) 40 cm x 4.5 cm x 29 cm
Weight 540 g
Notebook Compatibility 16"
Features Adjustable shoulder strap, padded pocket
Carrying Strap Hand grip, shoulder carrying strap
Designed For Portégé Z20t, Z30; Satellite C50, C50D, C50t, C55, C55D, L50, L50D, P50, P50D, P50T, S50, S50D; Satellite Pro A30, A40, A50, R50; Satellite Radius 15; Tecra A40, A50, W50, Z40, Z50
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