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HP - Notebook sleeve1

HP - Notebook sleeve
HP - Notebook sleeve
Lieferzeit von bis zu 10 Tagen

Manufacturer: HP Inc.

Product group:

Manuf.No.: WU673AA

Art.No.: S8077191

16", cherry black, for Compaq CQ58; HP 15, 2000; Envy 6, dv6; Pavilion 15, DV6, dv6648, G6; Pavilion Sleekbook 14

  • The exterior is made of durable neoprene, safeguarding your notebook against everyday bumps and scratches, while the faux-fur interior holds your notebook securely
  • The faux-fur interior holds your notebook softly, while a secure exterior zip pocket keeps all your essential accessories perfectly safe
  • Featuring the HP link pattern, this stylish sleeve in durable neoprene will perfectly match your HP notebook
  • Essential accessories, like your power adapter, mouse and papers, can be safely stored in the sleeve's secure exterior zip pocket

Price: 27,00 EUR

Compatibility, fits ...


15-a001ef, 15-a001sf, 15-a004sg, 15-a006sf, 15-a010eb, 15-a013nf, 15-a019sg, 15-a024sg, 15-a026sg, 15-a054so, 15-a055so, 15-h000na, 15-h000no, 15-h000sa, 15-h000sd, 15-h000sg, 15-h000ss, 15-h001nl, 15-h001no, 15-h002nl, 15-h002sf, 15-h002ss, 15-h003nl, 15-h003sf, 15-h005ed, 15-h006nl, 15-h007nl, 15-h008nl, 15-h015nf, 15-h015ng, 15-h019ns, 15-h023sg, 15-h024sg, 15-h041nf, 15-h049no, 15-h050nf, 15-h050ng, 15-h050nl, 15-h050ns, 15-h051nf, 15-h051nl, 15-h051ns, 15-h052nf, 15-h052nl, 15-h054nl, 15-h055nl, 15-h056nl, 15-h057nl, 15-h090sg, 15-h092ng, 15-h093ng, 15-h099sb, 15-h203nf, 15-h206nf, 610, CQ58-200SG, CQ58-200SO, CQ58-201SA, CQ58-201SG, CQ58-202SD, CQ58-202SS, CQ58-203SD, CQ58-203SG, CQ58-205SL, CQ58-206SD, CQ58-206SL, CQ58-208EL, CQ58-209E, CQ58-210SL, CQ58-210SW, CQ58-211SC, CQ58-212SL, CQ58-215EW, CQ58-215SW, CQ58-216SL, CQ58-217SL, CQ58-218SL, CQ58-219SL, CQ58-220SL, CQ58-221SL, CQ58-222SL, CQ58-225EL, CQ58-225SL, CQ58-225SR, CQ58-230SF, CQ58-232SF, CQ58-235SF, CQ58-237SF, CQ58-245SW, CQ58-250EC, CQ58-250SA, CQ58-250SC, CQ58-250SG, CQ58-251EP, CQ58-251SH, CQ58-251SL, CQ58-252SA, CQ58-252SH, CQ58-252SS, CQ58-253SA, CQ58-253SS, CQ58-255EC, CQ58-255SA, CQ58-255SC, CQ58-256SA, CQ58-260EA, CQ58-261EA, CQ58-265SO, CQ58-270SO, CQ58-271SD, CQ58-276SD, CQ58-276SR, CQ58-279SR, CQ58-282SG, CQ58-292SG, CQ58-295EG, CQ58-300EI, CQ58-300SA, CQ58-300SB, CQ58-300SI, CQ58-301EW, CQ58-301SA, CQ58-301SL, CQ58-301SO, CQ58-301SS, CQ58-301SW, CQ58-302SA, CQ58-302SM, CQ58-302SP, CQ58-303SD, CQ58-303SO, CQ58-303SP, CQ58-304SA, CQ58-305EW, CQ58-305SA, CQ58-306SA, CQ58-306SD, CQ58-307SL, CQ58-308SC, CQ58-311SL, CQ58-313ES, CQ58-313SS, CQ58-315SW, CQ58-316SL, CQ58-318SL, CQ58-319EW, CQ58-320EW, CQ58-320SF, CQ58-325SR, CQ58-330SF, CQ58-334SF, CQ58-343SG, CQ58-344SG, CQ58-346SG, CQ58-347SG, CQ58-350SG, CQ58-351EO, CQ58-351SC, CQ58-351SH, CQ58-351SO, CQ58-353EO, CQ58-353SO, CQ58-373SD, CQ58-390EI, CQ58-390SI, CQ58-391SG, CQ58-392SG, CQ58-d00SO, CQ58-d01SA, CQ58-d01SL, CQ58-d01SO, 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Folio 13-1000el, Folio 13-1000eo, Folio 13-1010ef, Folio 13-1010es, Folio 13-1020ea, Folio 13-1020us, Folio 13-1029wm, Folio 13-1050ez, Folio 13-1051nr, G50-100EA, G56-106EA, G56-106SA, G56-110SL, G56-114SA, G56-116SA, G60-114EA, G60-213EM, G60-214EM, G60-215EM, G60-216EM, G60-230US, G60-235DX, G60-237US, G60-247CL, G6030EA, G6030EG, G6030EM, G60-440US, G60-519WM, G60-530US, G60-531NR, G60-533CL, G60-535DX, G60-549DX, G6060EA, G6060EG, G6061EA, G6062EA, G6062EM, G60-630US, G60-633NR, G6065EA, G6065EM, G6090EA, G6091EA, G6092EA, G6093EA, G6095EG, G6097EG, G62-104SA, G62-105SA, G62-110ED, G62-110EY, G62-110SA, G62-110SS, G62-110SW, G62-112SO, G62-113SO, G62-115SO, G62-118EO, G62-120EC, G62-120EG, G62-120EH, G62-120EP, G62-120ES, G62-120EY, G62-120SS, G62-120SW, G62-130EG, G62-130SD, g62-140ES, G62-140SF, G62-140SS, G62-140US, G62-144DX, G62-149WM, G62-150SL, G62-220US, G62-222US, G62-228CL, G62-228NR, G62-229NR, G62-229WM, G62-231NR, G62-234DX, G62-435DX, G62-450EB, G62-450EC, G62-450SA, 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Premium, HDX X16-1350EF Premium, HDX X16-1350EO Premium, HDX X16-1370US Premium, HDX X16-1380ED Premium, HDX X16-1390el Premium, Media Center G6031EM, Media Center G7010EA, Media Center G7010EM, Media Center G7015EM, Media Center G7020EC, Media Center G7023EO, Media Center G7023EZ, Media Center G7025EG, Media Center HDX X16-1310EG, Media Center HDX X16-1330EF, Mini 100e, Mini 1010nr, Mini 1030nr, Mini 1099ed, Mini 1099ef, Mini 1099eg, Mini 1099eh, Mini 1099ek, Mini 1099el, Mini 1099en, Mini 1099ep, Mini 1099ES, Mini 1099ew, Mini 110-1020NR, Mini 110-1030NR, Mini 110-1034NR, Mini 110-1036NR, Mini 110-1037NR, Mini 110-1046NR, Mini 110-1050NR, Mini 110-1090LA, Mini 110-1100SL, Mini 110-1102EW, Mini 110-1109NR, Mini 110-1112NR, Mini 110-1113NR, Mini 110-1115NR, Mini 110-1115SA, Mini 110-1116NR, Mini 110-1125NR, Mini 110-1125SA, Mini 110-1126LA, Mini 110-1126NR, Mini 110-1127NR, Mini 110-1129NR, Mini 110-1130SA, Mini 110-1131DX, Mini 110-1135NR, Mini 110-1140EL, Mini 110-1140EP, Mini 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Notebooks need protection against everyday wear and tear. With its neoprene exterior, the stylish cherry notebook sleeve - 16" is custom made to keep them clean and safe - with a retractable handle, a luxurious faux-fur interior and zip pocket for accessories.
Product Description HP notebook sleeve
Product Type Notebook sleeve
Colour Cherry black
Dimensions (WxDxH) 39 cm x 4 cm x 28 cm
Weight 380 g
Notebook Compatibility 16"
Manufacturer Warranty 1 year warranty
Designed For Compaq CQ58; Mini CQ10; Presario CQ57; HP 15, 2000; Chromebook 11; Envy 15, 4, 6, dv6, m6; ENVY TouchSmart 15; Mini 110, 210; Pavilion 14, 15, dm1, dm4, DV6, dv6648, G6, m6; Pavilion Sleekbook 14, 15; Pavilion TouchSmart 14, 15; Pavilion TouchSmart Sleekbook 15; Split x2; TouchSmart 15
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